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In the Mountains

This weekend we fulfilled one of my 30 before 30 goals and took the girls for their first ever camping trip.  Friday night we loaded up the car with a borrowed tent and piles of blankets, and headed ... View Post about In the Mountains

Nora at 5

Nora is 5!! We celebrated her birthday today with a party with friends.  The theme was Frozen, of course, because it is her favorite thing (like all pretty much every other five year old ... View Post about Nora at 5

  • Almost home from Texas...singing songs in the dark. Turn the sound on to hear Zara singing a song Nora made up for Addie, who is not a fan of #roadtrips ---- #roadtrip #video #song #singing #inthedark
  • Adelaide is 3 months today!

Everything has been a blur and I feel like I'm only just getting adapted to life with this little one, but she's such a doll and I keep trying to tell myself to slow down and enjoy it. 💕 my last little baby.
  • My amazing hubby and Zara Bee. ❤️❤️ Did you know that in May we were married for 10 years?  With all the craziness of a new baby, the most celebration we managed was dinner out with the littles (2 out of the 3 crying on the way there) but that seemed somewhat appropriate for where we are in life.

I am so in love with this man.  He's so kind and caring, an amazing father and the best husband I ever could have hoped for on the grand adventure that is our life.  He takes care of us and keeps us laughing at each step of the way.
  • Chris was on a panel that I moderated tonight on pricing and scoping websites for our local #wordpressmeetup.  It's so fun to connect with other business owners and share knowledge with the community.

Thanks to Ron of  @codegeekdev, Gordon of Copper Leaf, and Jeremy of Endo Creative for sharing their wisdom as well...and thanks to Addie for being a good sport throughout the whole thing! #babywearing #ringsling
  • #Yardwork #breaktime so Addie can nurse.  This is truckload no. 4 of mulch... Let's say it has been a very productive weekend.