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Debt Free

It is officially summer in Colorado.  We have a mini garden started with some veggies and berries, we've taken our first trip to buy delicious things from the farmer's market, and this afternoon Chris ... View Post about Debt Free

Hello 30

One year ago, I posted of a list of 30 things I wanted to do before today: Pay off my school loans Go to Wanderlust Colorado  Get Boudoir Photos Taken  Go to a Movie Alone ... View Post about Hello 30

  • #sisters: We've been a family with three girls for a month now, and they are enamored with one another.
  • #nursing in the car. Sometimes being a business owner and a parent is crazy hard - especially when your spouse also works in your business too. Tonight Chris is holding down the fort at our table at the #fortcollins chamber of commerce business expo, while I attempt to balance mom duties with business.  I'm popping in and out of the expo with Addie in between picking kids up from school, dropping​ them at home with a babysitter, {{back to the expo}} then home to get Nora and take her to dance {{back to the expo}}, driving Nora home again and {{back to the expo}} all while taking care of a two week old... because when you're a business owner there's no such thing as a maternity leave.

Today is one of those days when I'm not so in love with being a #mompreneur . . . 
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  • @lzurowski came to visit us on her way to a yoga retreat in Montana.  It's so wonderful to get to hang out with her in person! Of course we had to talk business a bit, but we still managed to have fun.
  • Oh my goodness, I think newborns are the most delicious things ever. Sweet Adelaide, already 1 week old, how can that be?
  • My mom and me, and the first time she met each of her granddaughters: Nora, two hours old, Zara at 7 months, and Addie at birth.  She flew out to Colorado last Saturday and was able to be here for Addie's birth. It has been so wonderful to have her here.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom.