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Saying Hello

It's been 416 days since I took down my website, to take, what I thought would be, a 6 month hiatus from blogging.  It was both an easy and hard decision, but most certainly the right one for where my ... View Post about Saying Hello


Last month I did something I had never done before - I left Chris and the girls and flew across the country to visit friends for a weekend in Pittsburgh.  Every year since I moved away from New ... View Post about Pittsburgh

Weaning Zara

This week, my "baby" officially started preschool. Since we're a Montessori family, Zara had the benefit of a long transition period as she moved from the toddler to the preschool class over ... View Post about Weaning Zara

  • Chris sent me this photo of the girls visiting with our new neighbors.

I haven't seen them outside of photos and FaceTime since Labor Day weekend.  Many of you know, we made a quick and crazy decision to move closer to family just a week before school started.  Chris and the older girls moved ahead of me so they could start school at the beginning of the year with everyone else.  Addie and I stayed behind to get the house ready sell and wrap up affairs in Colorado.

It's been a really hard two months and two days from now, I will finally be able to squeeze these girls in my arms.  I'm counting down the minutes and I may just never let them go again.
  • My house flipping assistant is super cute. We're in the home stretch now. #houseflipping #homeimprovement #helper
  • #wooconf #speaker gift - mini #lego me!! How awesome!
  • Airplane #selfie - ready to fly back to Colorado after #wooconf
  • Note to self: when changing doorknobs don't test if you have the latch pointed the right direction by closing the door with the doorknobs and tools outside the room.  You'll have no way to open the door and will be forced to climb out the window.

Also:  Bonus points for failed genius if your phone and baby are not in the room you just locked yourself in.

#adventuresinhomeimprovement #atleastitwasntonthesecondstory